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League City, TX Moving CompanyLeague City is a city in the U.S. state of Texas. The city come across Galveston county. League City’s population was around 83,560 according to the 2010 census reports. The city has a small portion north of Clear Creek within Harris County for residential and commercial uses. League City have several waterside resorts, such as South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Centre and Waterford Harbor and Yacht Club Marina. In between 2000 – 2005, League City surpassed Galveston as Galveston County’s largest city. In 2013 the financial website NerdWallet named League City as the best city in Texas for people looking for jobs.


League City was settled at the site of a Karankawa Indian village. It is considered to be founded by the three families, the Butlers, the Cowarts, and the Perkinses. There is a Cowart’s Creek named after the Cowarts, Magnolia Bayou after Perkinses, Butler family settled inland. In 1907, the city had two railroad flatcars of live oak trees left by the railroad tracks. Butler and his son supervised the planting of trees, now known as the Butler Oaks. In 2000, rising real estate coasts in Galveston forced many families to move to other areas, including League City.


League City has lots of green open spaces and there are many places where you can spend time to enjoy the greenery, fresh air and relax. There are also fine dining restaurants, unique shops, parks, good shops and tasty food. There are some things given below which makes it a nice city.

  1. HELEN’S GARDEN – Helen’s Garden is a well maintained green space on Main Street. If you are looking to take some memorable photographs, this is the perfect spot. There are mighty old oak trees, which make for a very popular place, it is a perfect spot for weddings and engagement parties.
  2. NANA’S ATTIC – Shopping on holiday feels special, and the place to do this in League City is Nana’s Attic. This place has something for everyone! It has fabulous kinds of soap, fragrance, tea towels, stationery, jewellery, lotions, potions, and jams.
  • BACCHUS WINE BAR – Quaint and Cozy are the two words which describe this bar best. It is also known as hub of the League City. There are awesome array of wines to choose and they will let you taste it first. Snacks are also served here and many recommend the cheese plate. This is a good and welcoming wine bar, where you can sit back, drink good quality wine, listen to music.
  1. COUNTRYSIDE PARK – It is the countryside park for active people! There’s a sand volleyball court, a softball and baseball field, a field for soccer/ football. This beautiful countryside park can be reserved for work picnics, family gatherings, tournaments, and team practices.



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