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Located about 40 miles from Houston, Conroe is one of the fastest growing city in America. Conroe is part of Montgomery County and is one of the principal cities of Houston. Conroe was named after Isaac Conroe. The city’s economy was initially built on the lumber and oil industries. The profits from the oil industry made Conroe the home of a lot of millionaires at a point. The lumber industry attracted a lot of residents to Conroe towards the end of the 19th century. Conroe is the home of over 82 thousand people according to the 2010 census.

Conroe is a center of both cultural and recreational activities. Residents of Conroe hold several cultural activities where the work of artists is celebrated. Creighton theatre, for holds various cultural activities all year round. Owen theatre also holds activities that celebrate the works of artists. The Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park is another place where the history of Conroe and Texas is celebrated. The culture of Conroe is also displayed in the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival that is held yearly. This festival celebrates food, music, art and crafts.

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Conroe TX MoverThe culture of Conroe is also displayed in the different outdoor activities held in the numerous venues that adorn the city. There are also a number of recreational facilities for visitors and residents of Conroe. The history of the city is also incorporated into these recreational facilities to exude a complete Conroe appeal. Montgomery County War Memorial Park is one of such recreational facilities that incorporates history with recreation. Montgomery County War Memorial Park was developed to pay tribute to 166 soldiers from the county killed in the line of duty. The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County is another historical facility that holds artifacts from early settlers of the city. Conroe has a great appreciation for the arts as seen in the numerous cultural activities held in venues within the city and sponsored by the city.

Conroe occupies a 5.44square mile area. Moving within Conroe or to neighboring areas can be especially stressful without the services of experienced professional movers. M&M moving company provides the best moving services within Conroe and its environs. We cover both personal belongings and business goods, and you’re sure of the best quality of services. The staff and management of M&M moving company are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all properties entrusted into their hands. Hence, you are sure that your property will be handled with tact and expertise.

When you engage the services of M&M Moving Company to move your property to a new home or your goods to a business location, you get professional, high-quality services. We also assure you that all our staff are well trained and licensed to do their jobs. We have been in the business of moving properties and goods for a while, and we know just how to deliver the services you seek. We are confident in our ability to provide the best moving services there is in Conroe, for both short and long-distance destinations.