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Review for M&M Moving

The company is outstanding if Ruben was the owner, but since Mark Williams is the owner and he’s maniacs that talks bullshit about his employees and to its customers by charging customers an extended amount of money for sometimes a small move the company leader Ruben an excellent mover crew leader and he should be head of the company however the owner of the company doesn’t take care of his employees and apparently he can’t pay them on time, he robs his employees from their time, there day and money. then he doesn’t have nothing but one employee he picks up people from the street.People with no experience people from Home Depot anybody available that wants to work but with no experience that don’t have experience handling fragile items he says he has insurance he doesn’t have insurance he’s a liar the company promotes that they have insurance but it’s a whole scam to get their customers to comply & his commercial trucks are not equipped or good running trucks he doesn’t do maintenance to his commercial trucks that’s why they break down at the job site I tell anybody who has a job or a home do not use M&M moving company because the company is a whole scam yes he’s a veteran but he scams you and this goes to all new employees and to all you customers who have settled a job recently or that is going to be using M&M moving thank you and have a great day. And Lasting whenever the owner is in trouble or something wrong happened at the job site he will not answer the phone he will block you and if you can’t hear you scam your money so your money from your pocket with no deposit return remember look out for this company M&M moving company a total scam

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